7 Best WordPress Social Media Automation Plugins To Grow Your Online Presence!

Last updated: 01-15-2020

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7 Best WordPress Social Media Automation Plugins To Grow Your Online Presence!

There is no doubt that in our world of advanced technologies and advancements, our lives are much simpler than it used to be. Thanks to the access to the internet and thousands of online platforms out there, anything we want is only a few clicks away. That too within a matter of minutes or seconds! This is also the reason why more and more people have now taken their business online. Whether you are an artist, writer, freelancer, developer, designer or anything else, owning a website has more advantages than you can imagine.

That being said, another major element of a successful venture is surely the online presence you have on the popular networking site. That’s right, promoting and marketing online is so much efficient and thus has taken over most of the traditional methods. And we know exactly why? In this age of digitalization, people are more likely to read an article or ad online with more interest than in a newspaper. Anything that your potential clients need, they are more likely to search for them online.

To sum it up, a functional website to represent and what you do goes hand in hand with a great online presence on major networking sites. While most of us have managed to make it work somehow, sometimes we do come across situations when we think if there is an easy way out! Sharing contents on your website is one thing, but repeating the process several times with each social platform is just time-consuming. But what if we tell you that there indeed is a simpler way to do so? Social Media Automation for your website. We are sure you have heard of it before, but if you haven’t then today we will talking all about it in brief. In addition to this, our article today also deals with the top WordPress Social Media Automation Tools and software to help you out!

First and foremost, let’s tackle the obvious question that is on everyone’s mind. What exactly is social media automation and how do we automate social media for our WordPress website. The simple definition would be the process that enables the user the control over automatically sharing the contents of your personal website on the social sites that have been linked. This is how it usually works:

But as easy as it sounds, we have come across our users having trouble getting things done their way. Even more, people have come to us with questions like what tools and software are best for social media automation? Well, fear not! Today we will be discussing exactly that!

When it comes to social media marketing and content management, there are plenty of options to choose from. Thanks to the third-party designers and developers, you have the freedom to get the best of the best. But to simplify the process, today we are enlisting the top ones out there. For your convenience, we have also categorized them into Free and Premium! To start, let’s begin with the free ones!

Social Web Suite is a Free WordPress social media automation tool that you can use for an efficient social media marketing. It enables the users’ tons of amazing options so that they have a great online presence. Auto-post, schedule, manage, publish and customize your contents with ease.

But that’s not all, this social media automation tool also gives you a detailed social analytics so that you can keep track of your progress. Simply the full package and that too Free! We definitely recommend this amazing plugin if you want to grow and promote your website!

Easy Social Sharing is one of our in-house WordPress social media automation plugins. It is efficient and the whole package of everything that you might require for a successful venture. Including tons of popular social network integration, you can easily link and automate your contents. Additionally, the responsive design also features an Inline layout that works great with posts.

The interface is extremely easy to work with and is beginner-friendly. Choose from tons of design variation to try out. You can even view it Live to know exactly how each element looks. A great choice for beginners and even for pro marketers, this plugin features all the necessary ailments.

This is yet another amazing Social Media Automation tool that we recommend our WordPress users. Effectively share the contents, schedule, create, promote as well as grow your social presence. Featuring one of the powerful tool- The Editorial Calendar, it enables any users the unified view of all the contents. The Drag and Drop tool included adds to the efficiency when scheduling.

In addition to this, the plugin also gives in a way for multiple social media publication. What’s great is that you also get Content Assistant that analyzes the posts and recommends the best actions you can take. Share, Promote and Grow to the maximum potential with Nelio Content.

Last but certainly not the least, GetSocial.io is also an amazing option for anyone looking to get a steady online presence. It helps you increase traffic, social shares as well as conversions and sales. One of the best ways to gain online traffic, utilize your social platforms to the maximum potential.

Get amazing social share buttons with fantastic designs included. The plugin package is packed with 18 different tools that all help you to promote and grow your business. Publish, Share, Schedule, Research and get the best online social experience only with GetSocial.io!

Social Auto Poster is an awesome and easy-to-use Social Media Automation WordPress plugin you can find out there. It has been developed the social media autoposter to automate the process of posting your WordPress posts to different social media channels. Get integration with all the major social media platforms and be the one to grow your online presence immensely

No matter what kind of social media service you require like likes follow, increased traffic, great views or more, this plugin helps you get it. Moreover, it is also extremely user-friendly so that even the beginners can join in. You can even grow your member or followers with interactive Sign-up and easy login system this plugin features. But that’s not all, there are plenty of other features included!

PrestaShop is a unique and efficient WordPress social media automation plugin that is useful while sharing your contents. The module is built with a fully responsive structure and ensure the maximum growth of your traffic. Share automatically based on the settings you set within a matter of minutes. Best suited for businesses and online shops, this plugin is the all-in-one package! 

What’s awesome is that the posts are made of deferred manner which you can easily choose to publish. In addition to this, you can even randomly choose the products of the store to post. Set the exact date and time, include or exclude products, display product links and much more. More of the features are listed below.

AccessPress social Auto Post is the perfect WordPress plugin to automate your contents and post in the easiest manner. Easily configure your social accounts and let this plugin take care of everything else. You can customize the settings so that you have the full control over what you wish to post!

There are plenty of premium features that make it one of the best out there. In addition to this, you also get integration with all major social media sites and unlimited configuration. Here is a sneak peek into what more there is!

When it comes to promotional and marketing activities, the most efficient and effective method is surely social media and online platforms. So today we have made the process even simpler with Social Media Automation for WordPress. All of the plugins for Social Media Automation we have enlisted today serves the one purpose of automatically taking care of sharing and promoting your contents. You can rely on these with ease and let them take care of it for you. We hope at this point, you have now understood the advantages of Social Media automation. With both and Free and Premium options out there for you, we hope you get the best one!

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