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Last updated: 12-13-2019

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9 Easy Tips for Successful Social Media Marketing - Kubient

As reach for businesses on social media networks like Facebook & Instagram steadily dwindles, optimizing your social media marketing campaigns is more important than ever.

In this article, we’re going to cover 9 quick & easy tips that can help you ensure you’re getting the most out of SMM, even if you’ve got your hands full with the rest of your business.

So, for the busy entrepreneur that you are, shall we get to it? Here are our top 9 tips for social media marketing success:

When it comes to easy-to-implement tips that’ll boost any SMM campaign, scheduling software is probably the lowest hanging fruit.

Tools like Buffer and Hootsuite enable you to schedule weeks of social media posts across all your platforms, saving you countless hours of time every month. Set-it-and-forget-it marketing tools like these mean you can spend just one afternoon per month creating your posts, and still see new content posted to your social media accounts every day.

Not only that, but these specialist scheduling tools will scour your social media interactions to find the best time for you to post, further boosting your brand engagement.

It can be tempting to only post links to content and resources on your own website, but a one-sided relationship like this can quickly turn your fans away.

Instead, become a lynchpin. Make an effort to share relevant content from your niche that your fans will enjoy. This will help you to become an influencer within your niche, and your page followers will quickly come to appreciate that you don’t just use your accounts to drive traffic back to your site ( thus making them happier to engage with you).

After all, social media is about being social, right?

Tip: Tools like BuzzSumo are a great way to find popular content around your niche that your followers will love to engage with. It’ll show you how many shares a piece of content already has so you can simply click “post” and watch your fans rejoice!

Once you’ve found some interesting content to share with your followers, be sure to tag the creators and publishers of the content when you post it.

By doing so, you’ll create an opportunity for the content creators to re-share your post as an act of reciprocity, and potentially garner yourself some new followers as a by-product.

Be sure to do this every time you share someone else’s content – whether in an Instagram story, on Snapchat, Facebook or Twitter. They each have ways to tag others in the post.

Just because you’re a fan of Twitter or Facebook, doesn’t mean that’s where your ideal customer hangs out. They might prefer Pinterest or Instagram.

To make sure you get maximum exposure for all your content, ensure you’re active across all the main social networks available to you. After all, they’re free to post on, so there’s nothing to lose by giving it a go.

Tip: Create a step-by-step “sharing procedure” to be used for every piece of content you post. After it’s posted, go through your sharing procedure and ensure the new content is published on each of the social media platforms in your list.

Just as it is important to be active across as many social media networks as possible, it’s also important you make use of the features and tools they offer you.

For example, if you have an Instagram account for your brand, be sure to use the “Swipe up” features for Instagram Stories. If you have a Facebook Page, be sure to add call-to-action buttons on your posts. And if you have a Pinterest account, add structured markup to your website so Pinterest can pull the relevant metadata for your posts.

As a social media manager, it’s your job to manage social media accounts, not act as a full-stack graphic designer. But just because you’re not a designer doesn’t mean you should post crappy-looking images to your profiles.

In fact, there’s a world of readymade templates out there to upgrade your social media campaigns. You just need to edit them.

If you’re a complete design newbie, check out free tools like Canva and Adobe Spark. If you’re a little more experienced (and comfortable with Photoshop & Illustrator) check out sites like BrandPacks.

Social media plays a pivotal role in the online presence of brick & mortar businesses. If you are a physical business or working for one, one of the lowest-hanging fruits can be to encourage customers to check-in on social media.

It needn’t be a high-tech solution. A simple blackboard notice or poster asking for customers to check-in can result in massive exposure to your ideal target market.

Tip: As a way to boost the number of customers checking in on social media (and give them a reason for doing so), consider offering a prize-draw each month to a randomly selected customer who has check-in on Facebook/Instagram etc. For example, if you’re a restaurant offer a free dinner. Or if you’re a toy store, a free $20 voucher, etc.

Social media networks are quick to bury content that receives little-to-no engagement. To help avoid losing your posts to the internet abyss, increase your chances of engagement by accompanying your post with a relevant question.

Doing to will goad fans into engaging with your content and unwittingly boost the visibility your post receives.

For example: Instead of posting a link with “Here’s our latest article”, use a question like “What do you think are the best tips for XYZ? Find out what we think in our latest article.”

Facebook pages are so yesterday. Facebook Groups are the new way to engage with your fans.

Facebook’s groups feature offers brands a backdoor into more engagement and deeper connections with consumers. Unlike pages, groups create the feeling of being apart of a real “community”, which is fantastic for your brand enchantment.

Tip: Boost the growth of your Facebook Group, by including links to it throughout your website and email marketing campaigns. Then, once it is growing, ensure you keep it active by posting regularly in the group and also answering member questions as quickly as you can.

Running a business is difficult, and with all the hats you need to wear, social media can seem like the least important. But a little planning with social media scheduling tools and some carefully crafted content can boost your social media engagement with little to no effort.

It can seem difficult to use all these tips that I’ve shared today, but if you just use one or two, you’re in the right direction to improving your social media ROI. But let me pass the question off to you.

Which of these tips will you use? Let us know in the comments below!

Jen Smith is a Content Writer and Developer at Brandpacks.She loves working in the ever-changing world of digital and is fascinated by the role content plays in today’s marketing.

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