How to Build a Powerful and Profitable SMS Marketing Campaign |

Last updated: 12-17-2019

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How to Build a Powerful and Profitable SMS Marketing Campaign |

SMS marketing can help you increase your marketing reach exponentially if you know what to do, think about it, people have their mobile devices with them all the time, and according to many studies the open rate for text messaging is over 97 percent. With results like that, you can’t turn down the opportunity to incorporate SMS marketing into your business practices.

You want only people on your SMS lists who want to be on them and who have given you permission to market to them via SMS by being direct and up front about why you want their mobile number. When asking always give them options so that if they want to receive messages in other ways that they can, as this will maximize returns.

Just like there are anti-spam laws for email messaging, there are laws regarding SMS messages. You must have an easy way for consumers to opt out of receiving messages and the system must work to remove them immediately when they ask and you must have permission to begin SMS messaging.

The easiest way to follow the law and to run a profitable SMS marketing campaign is to use the right services and software which help you automate the system, follow the laws, set up all your marketing messages in advance of the campaign, and send messages on the fly when you feel like.

Don’t just throw anything together when it comes to SMS marketing messages. Ensure that your message has a reason for being, and that it leads to some sort of action by your audience.

People love competition and SMS is a great way to host one using polls, voting, and surveys to complete the competition and allow participants to win something of value.

SMS messaging is a perfect way to announce last-minute or time-limited sales. Sending out a text message that gives the recipient a code with three hours to respond is going to get a lot more buyers than you can imagine if you’ve done the work to build a responsive, targeted list of customers.

SMS messages need not be boring. They can even become viral if you take the time to think about what message you want to send. You can include links to images, videos, and more and put these in the hands of your customer at any time of the day or night that they can then forward to their friends.

Need a way to get people to join your SMS list? Ask for phone numbers to verify the product and to provide free training for your product or service. Most people who have already bought from you will have no issue entering their number for verification, just make sure they know you will send them SMS messages otherwise it will come back and bite you.

Using SMS campaigns to create awareness of new products and services is a great way to circumvent the unopened emails. For example, if you’ve collected email addresses and SMS information, try sending the information via SMS to the people who did not open the email. You’ll probably get a higher open rate.

Everyone loves a special deal and your SMS list members are no exception. In fact, if you send out a coupon or deal at the right time, you’ll be surprised at how many people will take advantage. The key is to understand your customer enough that you know which deals to offer at which time.

Don’t forget that SMS marketing is much like any other social media marketing, it’s social. Therefore it’s important to engage with your audience strategically so that they will help spread your message and answer your calls to action.

An SMS marketing campaign isn’t really that different from an email marketing campaign. You must build your list, send focused messages, engage them, and provide value to the people who trust you enough to give their information. If you do that, your SMS marketing campaigns will be successful.

SMS marketing is a powerful marketing method that many small businesses should be involved in. If you’re not using SMS marketing yet, why not?

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