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Last updated: 10-28-2019

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Ten Ways to Use Social Media to Market Your Business | Website Designs

Almost everyone it seems has a smart phone, just look around when using public transport, eating in a restaurant or even walking around town and it is pretty easy to verify this. As smart phones have grown more and more popular, so has the growth of social media. Using this simple logic it is therefore essential that your business is using social media to market itself. Social media includes platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Website Blogs, YouTube, Instagram, and others.

If you have an event, a sale, or any type of information you want to share with your audience, using social media is a great way to do it. Whether it’s education, announcements, or other information, those who follow you on social media will take notice and share with their friends too.

People like to buy from those that they know, like, and trust. Social media is an excellent way to get that all-important engagement going with your audience, which can make a huge difference. Try posting a question, or answers to questions, and get a good discussion going.

You can use social media to announce any type of event, and you should. This is a great way to get the word out about anything, especially an event. Whether it’s an online event or not, use the event function on Facebook and more people will be notified about it.

If you’re an expert in something, don’t be scared to share it. You can do that in numerous ways using social media. You can create infographics, videos, share blog posts, and do live Q & A events on several platforms that help show your expertise. When people see that you know your stuff, they’re more likely to buy from you.

This is always such a vague saying. What does “provide value” actually mean? It means that when you post on social media or post content anyplace, it should provide value to your audience. Aside from the value you get from posting it if they buy from you, they should also get something from it – be it education, information, a solution, or engagement. You need to be able to answer the question, “What’s in it for them?”

Social media is a great way to provide rewards for your customers. Get them to follow you in a special social media group for VIP customers. Invite them the moment they buy from you or get a freebie from you. Then you can use that system to reward them with an extra percent off, sales, live events and more.

When you first start out, before you’ve built a large audience and email list, a great way to put your social media marketing on the fast track is to use paid ads. You may need to experiment first with learning how to use each system to target your audience in the best way, or you can hire an expert to help. Whichever way you do it, it really works.

An effective way to get the word out about your business using social media marketing is to employ influencers. An influencer has an audience already that matches your target audience, but they are not competitors. They may offer complementary goods or services to yours, but most of the time they will promote other people’s items as an affiliate. There are influencers on all platforms. Don’t go for only the “stars”; a smaller audience might work great for your needs too.

On social media, a good laugh is always worth a lot. But, do be careful that you’re not too irreverent unless that matches your brand. It’s tricky to stick to your branding and still be humorous, but when you get it just right it can become viral.

Social media is wonderful for hosting live events. You can do them at the last moment or you can even schedule them. They’re great for Q & A sessions, “open mic” events, and also sharing exciting developments or even as planned “webinar-type” events.

Using these methods to market your business will help you get the word out, make more sales, and get known by your target audience faster than if you choose other methods.

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