Impress Customers with these Promotional Recycled Pens!

Last updated: 11-13-2019

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Impress Customers with these Promotional Recycled Pens!

Pens are one of the most popular promotional items with companies branding their logos to get as much brand exposure as possible. That’s why a new way to stand out is needed. The next trend is promotional recycled pens. Companies and customers care more about being sustainable and ethical. Thus the demand for branded eco-friendly products has increased over the years. A range of eco-friendly pens were at Canton Fair and will be shared in this blog.

Recycled pens are great but the next step to standing out is having a biodegradable product. This corn pen comes in different designs and shapes. It is appealing to customers as this feature will help the environment to stop trash from building and people littering as it will decompose itself. This can be off putting for some people as they might think the product will not last long or the quality might fade. But if the pens are stored properly, they can last a very long time and maintain the design and function. If you are interested in biodegradable Corn pens, the product code for this item is 2771. 

There are three other products which are not biodegradable but are made from recycled materials. One of these materials is paper as large quantities are consumed daily. This makes the pen environmentally friendly, and cheap to manufacture. If you are interested in Paper pens, the product code for this item is 2774.

Looking for excellent Custom Bamboo Products? Bamboo is becoming a popular material to use for promotional products, which makes it a good idea to utilise it. It is strong, versatile, and water resistant. Bamboo can be locally sourced if manufacturing from Asia which costs down on travel costs, harming the environment and production times. If you are interested in Bamboo pens, the product code for this item is 2772. 

Cork is a unique material to make a pen which already gives it an advantage. The look of the pens is different as the colour tones and texture makes it clear that it is recycled. If you are interested in Cork pens, the product code for this item is 2773.

Using sustainable promotional pens to promote your brand is quick, easy, and cost effective. All the benefits mentioned above provide more than enough reasons to pick this as your next promotional product!

Is your brand aiming to be environmentally friendly? What material or shape would you go for? Would you add any customised features or designs? Contact our office in China or Vietnam to get a quote, sourcing suppliers and manufacturers. Along with our help on any design ideas by our in-house team; Mindsparkz.

Stand out with LED pens to catch your customer’s attention.

Another cool pen idea is having a USB attached to make it multifunctional and an effective corporate gift.

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