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8 Best Ways to Implement Social Media Marketing at Tradeshows

Last updated: 01/10/2020

8 Best Ways to Implement Social Media Marketing at Tradeshows Tradeshows are loud and eventful. Unless, of course, you’re attending the Mindfulness Expo or a show for monks....

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5 Important Reasons to Advertise with Custom Promotional Pens

Last updated: 01/04/2020

Custom promotional pens are easily one of the most versatile marketing tools business owners can use to promote their business. Branded promotional pens offer huge marketing...

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How to Display Your Logo on Promotional Products | ePromos

Last updated: 11/16/2019

Choosing the perfect promotional product isn’t easy, but we’ve got good news: it just so happens to be our specialty. A good promotional product should resonate with your brand;...

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Impress Customers with these Promotional Recycled Pens!

Last updated: 11/13/2019

Pens are one of the most popular promotional items with companies branding their logos to get as much brand exposure as possible. That’s why a new way to stand out is needed....

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Are Promo Distributors Putting Too Much Demand on Suppliers?

Last updated: 11/12/2019

Whether it’s higher rebates, requests for longer net terms, expectations of onerous indemnification or demands of exclusivity, suppliers say distributors are putting them in an...

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8 Types of Simple Promotional Merchandise That Make an Impact / Branded Merchandise

Last updated: 10/15/2019

It can be tough to get your promotional merchandise campaign right, with important considerations to made about your brand image, product, and target audience. It often comes...

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How Branded Merchandise Fits in Your Marketing Strategy

Last updated: 08/31/2019

When creating your brand’s marketing strategy you have to ask the main question: how do you deliver your brand’s message to its audience effectively? Marketing is no...

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Personal-care promotional products to freshen up your marketing

Last updated: 08/15/2019

Personal-care promotional products can do more than just make someone look or feel better—they also can share your brand and message with customers and prospects. Our...

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How to Submit a More Perfect Order

Last updated: 08/06/2019

These days everyone is busy, over-taxed, multi-tasking and sometimes stretched to personal capacity. There are always hundreds of details to tend to in our personal and business...

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How Promos Compare to Other Forms of Advertising | HALO Branded Solutions

Last updated: 07/28/2019

Promotional products only represent 7% of the overall advertising market share. To compare, online ads account for 24% of the market share while traditional broadcast ads...

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