Why Use Video Marketing for an Ecommerce Business?   

Last updated: 11-14-2019

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Why Use Video Marketing for an Ecommerce Business?   

Whether you like it or not, the future of online marketing has to do with video, and a majority of businesses and brands had already adapted to this ongoing trend. According to research conducted by Wyzowl back in 2018, more than 63% of all online businesses had started to use video content marketing. So, if your goal is to keep up with the competition and understand the importance of video marketing for e-commerce, we’re here to provide you four significant reasons why it can be beneficial also for you.

Naturally, video production will require a significant allocation of resources (money, time, video editors, etc.), but the effort will most likely turn out to be fruitful. More than 83% of online businesses surveyed recently believe that video marketing has a significant influence on the ROI (Return on Investment). Your only goal remains to provide the highest quality video content packed with valuable information. Your audience will appreciate it, and you’ll see it in the numbers (i.e., higher conversion rates).

Did you know that more than 90% of consumers watch video content on their smartphones regularly? Since the year 2013, mobile video views had tripled, and YouTube reports that mobile video consumption rises 100% each year. People love to watch video content on the go, and the number of smartphone users continues to grow, so why shouldn’t you focus on the e-commerce business marketing strategy in this direction?

Launching a new product or service will become much easier by using an explanatory video to introduce your potential customers to what you can offer them. Many businesses and companies display an explainer video on their home page (or product pages), and that does not just save a lot of space (writing all as a text might bore your audience and make your website look less user-friendly), but also provides valuable information a visitor would probably need in order to convince him or her to make a purchase. By using video content, you’re stimulating both the visual and auditive sensors, i.e., not just the visual, as you would do in the case of text explanations. 

By making your audience watch videos on your page, the time spent on it will most likely increase and will result in a longer exposure. According to Moovly, you will be 53 times more likely to show on the first page of Google if you have a video embedded on your website (or on a specific page). At present, Google owns YouTube, and that had a significant influence on how the search engine rank is being calculated. 

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