Top Five Content Marketing Tips

Last updated: 10-20-2019

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Top Five Content Marketing Tips

Content marketing is a vital part of business, particularly small and medium-sized businesses. This is because smaller companies can’t rely on their reputations alone. Why? They don’t have one yet! Getting yourself out there is the only way to get noticed.

But there is a right and wrong way to advertise, and this includes content marketing. Doing too little or too much of the wrong thing will leave you missing out on customers…and their wallets.

This isn’t to say there is one singular way to market – there’s not! – but some things are vital and, without them, any digital campaign will surely struggle.

So, while you rev your content marketing into high gear, consider the following musts:

Content that “gives” something

Sure, your content can be all about how you received an award for best small business in the area – that’s certainly something people need to know. But if you only focus on that sort of thing, you won’t give consumers what they’re truly after. Look at your target audience and put yourself in their shoes: what speaks to them? Then deliver content that’s useful in a variety of ways. Perhaps it provides them with information, or maybe it just gives them some much needed levity.

Sure, with the internet, we’re all experts on everything – Oh, you have a stomachache? No need for health insurance. Dr. Google works for free!But there’s pseudo-expertise and true expertise. Go after the latter. If you run a vitamin store, consider asking a doctor or nutritionist to write a testimonial. Partnering with influencers is a highly effective way to – wait for it – influence.

Yes, you need new content, stuff that’s fresh and topical. Quantity is important, but it still takes a backseat to quality. If you’re posting mediocre stuff, your results will show mediocrity, too. It’s better to do more with less than less with more.

You might think that blogs are limited to celebrities or moms particularly gifted at parental one-liners, but every business has a story. And, for that reason alone, every business needs a blog. A blog makes you look less like a company and more like a person, which is what allows you to connect to others.

Often, companies only post to social media when they have an idea or something comes up. This is a casual approach with casual results. An editorial calendar, on the other hand, allows you to plan ahead, create content that’s relevant to what’s coming down the pike, and engage your customers on a regular basis. It takes some initial effort, but once you have your sea legs, most editorial calendars run like clockwork.

Content marketing is, in today’s world, vital for success. The above tips don’t guarantee a successful campaign, but they help.

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