What Is Scaled Content? | Website Designs Content Marketing

Last updated: 12-01-2019

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What Is Scaled Content? | Website Designs Content Marketing

Anyone that wants to succeed online should know that content is the lifeblood of a successful online presence. Without content you have nothing with which to engage your audience, with which to promote on social media with which to bait Google so that it indexes your website constantly and sends you lots of visitors, content is single most important aspect of succeeding online.

Content comes in many different forms from video, to infographics, to text and everything in between. There are many different types of strategies you can adopt to meet your content development needs, one is to create scaled content.

Scaled content is all about creating the right content for the right audience and delivering it with the right technology. You’ll naturally want different content for product pages, email messages, and marketing collateral that all describe the same thing, and you’ll want to use different words and sometimes different personalities to fit the form and technology you’re using.

In addition, scaled content allows you to continually evaluate if your strategy is working, for example if I push a tweet out through Twitter, does it get retweeted, does it generate favourites or do people click the link and come through to the website. Do these people then make purchases, share content on other networks and join my community. Scaled content requires the technology be in place to evaluate the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of the content so that you can make informed decisions and produce better and better performing content.

Scaled content also requires that you have a team in place that can be trusted to make good content marketing decisions, whether it’s real-time content marketing or planning for future content being pushed out months from now based on product marketing materials. Scaled content is visionary, builds relationships, and is assertive.

Increasing the reach and impact of your content is can be difficult, but if you put the right content into the right hands, at the right time you can increase your reach across all marketing channels. One way to do this is to offer your affiliates or joint-venture partners editable content that they can use in their marketing efforts. Another way could be for you to give everyone in your company, every office if you have multiple, etc. this content so that they can use it to spread the message. And of course get everyone you can to share you information.

If the content is clear about what your objectives and goals are, meets the needs of your audience while adhering to your company values, then it will work well. The point is that you need to provide awesome content that others will share and comment upon. By doing so you end up turning your content into more than it was to start with, because more and more eyes will see it dues to more and more sharing and commenting. The better the content the prouder people are going to be to share it, as it will help them engage their own audiences.

Focus not only on content creation but on content curation, just don’t overdo the content curation part as you want to promote your messages predominantly. You want to become the hub of all information that flows from all directions about your niche, products and services, to your audience.

To scale content, you can:

It can be extremely hard to be relevant, multiple times per day on multiple channels, when you only have a limited amount of time and money to spend on content. But, if you get help from those who work with you, as well as from colleagues and friends, then you can make your content work that much harder. Essentially scaling content is about getting the most out of the limited amount of content you can afford to produce.

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