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Last updated: 11-27-2019

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What Makes a Great Logo? | Website Designs Content Marketing

There are a number of elements that set a great logo apart from the rest. When you are first starting out in business, it is easy to overlook this important aspect of your marketing. This can lead to poor results and the inability to brand your business clearly in the eyes of your target audience.

If you have been in business for some time and either have no logo, or one that doesn’t seem to establish your brand, it’s time to review the key elements that can all add up to a great logo.

The color you choose has a huge impact on the impression you create. Blue is usually for business, red is designed to grab attention, green is for health or an eco-friendly company, and pink or purple would usually be for more feminine products being sold.

The colors you choose for you logo should be used across all your marketing, including your blog or website, letterhead, sales materials and so on, to present a unified look and brand.

The style and tone of your logo will also convey a clear impression of your business. Style can be formal or informal. The tone can be your tone of voice, or the “personality” of the company that you wish to create. If we think of the O of Oprah’s many properties, it is not only the first letter of her name, it also conveys the idea of “Oh!” – that you are going to find out a lot of interesting things in the magazine, for example.

There is a vast range of fonts to choose from. Serifed, with little curls at the end of letters, is more formal. Sans serif is more modern and clean-looking. A cursive script, such as the Coca-Cola logo, is a bit less formal.

A good logo should convey what the brand is instantly, and be consistent no matter where it appears. Think McDonald’s, Nike or Apple. They always use the same color scheme throughout. This instant recognition starts to break down barriers to buying because people feel they “know you”. This develops trust and loyalty.

This can be subtle and not always possible. The green recycling logo, for example, is instantly recognizable, and might even make people feel good that they are doing something for the environment. The Adidas logo has bars above the name that are graduated so they look like the slopes of a mountain, implying that the person who uses their products can reach their highest goals.

A truck for a trucking firm or scissors for a hairdressing salon would be two good examples of how a graphic incorporated into a logo can make it stand out and brand it.

Squares and rectangles are hard, angular, and masculine. Circles and ovals are more relaxed and natural, and more feminine. Triangles represent power, strength and stability. A shield would suggest protection. Combining basic shapes could make your logo even more powerful.

Use these tips to create a great logo that makes your business instantly recognizable to your audience.

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