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Last updated: 11-04-2019

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Blogging to Market Your Local Business | Website Designs Content

Someone on one of the social media platforms mentioned yellow pages and that got me thinking how marketing has moved on to encompass much more than the traditional newspaper, radio and television advertisements. Businesses of all shape and size should now be utilizing all forms of online marketing. Especially as the vast majority of people now search the Internet for products and services even if they intend to purchase these offline, and did you know that people that use a mobile device to search are more likely to make purchases.

This means that you need to have a website and it needs to be mobile friendly, especially nowadays as Google distinguishes between those websites that are and are not, within the search results shown to mobile users. In order to get the search engines to send those shoppers to your website, you also need to make sure you have an active blog incorporated within your website. This does mean that it needs to be incorporated within your website and not created on one of the free blogging platforms; you need to own the real estate you are building your business on, that way you are in complete control.

Once a business starts to use its blog and makes it a main part of its marketing campaign, they find that they don’t need some of the other expensive advertising that they were doing before, further blog marketing or content marketing as it is better known, allows a business to dominate it’s local marketplace and it’s always cheaper to enable your customers to find you than it is for you to go out and find them. By blogging regularly your business will be able to stop or cut down on those expensive television advertisements, radio advertisements and slow down on those newspaper advertisements because online marketing works so well, it is after all where your audience is.

Blogging allows you to connect with your audience, the people who want to do business with you, you’ll be able to convert readers of your blog into customers who because you continue to engage them via your blog will hang around and be customers for a long time. In fact, they are likely to become fans of your business and actually help to promote you online by sharing your blog posts and posting online reviews and recommendations. By being a regular blogger you’ll become an authority figure that others look to for advice and help within your niche.

A blog added to your website will allow you to easily add content, this attracts the search engines which in turn delivers your audience members, eager for your information. By incorporating the correct analytical tools you’ll be able to see how many visitors you are attracting, what information they are finding the most interesting and which information they share with others, plus a whole lot more. This means that you can tailor your blogging activities to meet the needs of your audience for even better results and best of all, unlike traditional advertising all of those blog posts will continue to work long after you have posted them, delivering visitors for month if not years.

If your website does not have a blog, the simple fact is your website is nothing more than an advertisement or sales tool and it will never work as well as it could if it incorporate a magnet (a blog) that attracts your clients to you. A website alone, cannot compete with a website with a blog as it will attract the search engines and will be featured highly in the search results. All you have to do is blog regularly, ideally three or more times per week to attract those visitors and get those customers.

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